Currently a first year student at Armand Hammer United World College (UWC-USA) in Montezuma, New Mexico.

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Southwest Studies! 

Day 1: Arrived in KOA campground, went downtown into Santa Fe (and had Starbucks!), wandered around town a bit, then bed at 9:30 (such a great feeling)

Day 2: Went up to Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument and did a short day hike to the top, went to the resovoir where some people had a little swim, dinner at campsite then bed at 9 (YES, 9!) 

Day 3: Short drive to Museum Hill in Santa Fe, went to:

  • Museum of Indian Arts & Culture
  • Museum of International Folk Art
  • Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian

Joined some of our fellow students on the “Albuquerque Food and Culture” trip and some of our second years at the Santa Fe Climate Action protest, lead by the organisation to try and persuade the Governor of New Mexico to shut down the San Juan generating station and the Four Corners Generating Station which are creating some serious health issues for the native tribes living around that area. 

Day 4: Visited Bandelier National Monument where human history extends back for over 10,000 years. Saw some Native American dwellings and caves, and even some wall carvings! Then headed over to Alex, our business manager’s house for some home cooked Greek cuisine and short cultural performances from everyone in the group. Ended the night by dancing around the house to traditional Greek music before heading back to the campsite for our last night. 

For more details about each day visit:

Following the last few weeks where I have been severely sleep deprived, it was so nice to get off campus for a week and relax, enjoy Santa Fe, go on small day trips, eat good food and go to bed at 9:30 every night. My group was wonderful, and although we were quite a diverse group we got along really well and by the end I felt like I had gotten a lot closer to them as my co-years than I would have been if we were not on the same trip. Once again, I was reminded about just how extraordinary the people that I go to school with are, and the incredibly rich culture they carry with them. Because we are so similar in many ways I sometimes forget that everyone is from a different corner of the world, but everyone is completely unique and is able to share a different perspective on almost anything, making every day engaging and entertaining. 

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